COVID Toes (chilblains)

Posted by | July 22, 2020 | Podiatry Issues

There have been lots of reports of chilblains in those with COVID-19, resulting in the use of the term COVID toes.

The actual reason for this is not totally clear as it could be:

  • it is part of the pathophysiology of the coronavirus infection. Chilblains are a problem with the way the small blood vessels react to cold, so the inflammatory process of the infection could affect the way the blood vessels react, causing the chilblain
  • the higher incidence of the chilblains may not be directly related to the COVID-19, but are due to lifestyle changes that happened during the lockdown and it was those lifestyle changes that predisposed to the chilblains.

It could be either one of these reasons or even both of them. The whole issue of chilblains and COVID toes was address in this episode of PodChatLive:

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