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The supination resistance test is clinical test used in the biomechanical assessment of the foot that helps determine how much force is needed to supinate the foot. The results of the test are thought to indicate how hard the muscles need to work to supinate the foot and how much force is needed from a foot orthoses if the foot is overpronating.

For more on this, see this video from PodChatLive on the supination resistance test:

The test is increasingly and widely used in clinical practice.

Arch Supporting Flip Flops

Posted by | July 19, 2020 | Podiatry Issues

Flip flops are not the best thing that you can wear on your feet. They offer no support, which can be important if you need it. They also force the muscles to work in an unnatural way in the toe to help maintain the footwear on. Nothing wrong with that if you feet are healthy and if you have no problems.

There are a group of flip flops, like the Archies, that have an arch support built into them. The amount of arch support that they have is usually modest and probably equal to the amount of arch support you get from the arch supports that you can buy at retail.

Are they any good as alternatives to foot orthotics? If you have a minor problem and your arch shape is average, then they might help. This is something you need to discus with a podiatrist.

Where the arch supporting flip flops really come into their own are a recovery footwear for athlete after a hard training session. They are comfortable and they help facilitate the recovery of the tired muscles.